Viewgraphs of the 1994 XUNET Student Meeting

This page contains links to the viewgraphs from the XUNET Student Meeting held in Chicago, IL, 13-15 February 1994. Files are listed in their order of presentation at the meeting. This collection is, at present, incomplete; more viewgraphs will be archived here as they are received.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Gary Armstrong. "Metric Gb/s on XUNET West".

Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore

Helen Chen. "Simulation Results of TCP Performance over ATM with Flow Control and Selective Cell-drop".

Alden W. Jackson. "Simple Network Management Protocol Developments in XUNET".

Columbia University

Nikos G. Aneroussis. "An Architecture for Performance and Configuration Management in XUNET".

Wassim Matragi. "Jitter Analysis in ATM Networks".

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Ted Faber and Lawrence Landweber. "Dynamic Time Windows: New Developments in Quality of Service Provision and Experimental Results".

University of Pennsylvania

Klara Nahrstedt and Jonathan Smith. "Experimental Study of Issues in End-to-End QoS". (paper)

University of California at Berkeley

Amit Gupta. "The Design of Scheme 2".

Wendy Heffner. "The Architecture of Realtime Network Protocols--Tenet Suite 2".

Fukiko Hidano. "A New Approach to Resource Allocation in ATM Networks and its Experiments on the Xunet Testbed".

Edward Knightly (with Hui Zhang). "Providing End-to-End Statistical Performance Guarantees with Bounding Interval Dependent Stochastic Models".

Bruce A. Mah. "Measurements and Observations of IP Multicast Traffic".

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

David Putzolu. "HiPPI to XUNET Adapter: Motivation and Status Report".

See-Mong Tan. "Efficient Signaling Algorithms".

Rutgers University

Jayesh Patel. "CELP Coding in ATM Networks".

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