The Tenet Group is participating in several collaborative research efforts, briefly outlined here.
Sequoia 2000
The Sequoia 2000 Project aims at building high-speed storage and communication facilities to support global-change scientists at remote sites. It is principally sponsored by Digital Equipment Corporation, and is a collaboration between the University of California at Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Davis; the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego; and the California State Department of Water Resources. An archive holds papers, software, and other documents.

BLANCA is one of the five Gigabit Testbeds sponsored by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives. The network for the BLANCA project, XUNET, provides 45 Mbps and 622 Mbps connections between the different sites. The BLANCA and XUNET participants are:

Some of the recent and ongoing research in this testbed project is documented in viewgraphs presented at the 1994 XUNET Student Meeting.

The Bay Area Gigabit Network Testbed
The Bay Area Gigabit Network (BAGnet) is a collaborative effort to provide teleseminar distribution between fourteen academic and research sites in the East and South San Francisco Bay Area. Sponsored by Pacific Bell, this 155 Mbps ATM network is scheduled to become fully operational in Spring 1994.
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